30 Easy DIY Chicken Coops To Build

by Sasha Ridley

    Want to raise some chickens in your garden? It’s possible if you have a chicken coop. This makes your garden clean and neat, and your chickens get a shelter for rainy and scorching days. Your chicken may also lay and hatch eggs in here. If the chicken coop is impressively built, it may serve as a garden décor. Just make sure to tidy it regularly to avoid smell.


    In this post, we’re glad to share 30 easy DIY chicken coops to build. These not only serve as home to your chickens but also help with your gardening work. Chicken manure can be added to the compost pile, along with fallen leaves in the garden and fruit peels. If you prefer natural gardening method, you should never miss this.

    #1 Colorful Chicken Coop

    Your chickens will love living in this bright and colorful stacked chicken coop.

    #2 Cottage Style Chicken Coop

    This small cottage-style coop is home to her eight hens.

    #3 Childhood Playhouse Turned Chicken Coop

    The playhouse was built in 1964,  and is now the happy home to chickens.

    #4 Chicken Coop with Vintage Appeal

    Another vintage chicken coop idea for you to consider.

    #5 Church-Inspired Chicken Coop

    “The Chicken Church” was inspired by a centuries-old local church, Pisgah Presbyterian Church, and hand-built by Amish craftsmen.

    #6 House-Inspired Chicken Coop

    All it takes to build this chicken coop is scrap wood and windows and a door from a second-hand store. The chicken house is is complete with windows and a front door.

    #7 Well-Appointed Chicken Coop

    Love building this chicken coop in your garden?

    #8 Silo Chicken Coop

    Transform an unused grain bin into a unique chicken coop.

    #9 Charm-Packed DIY Chicken Coop

    A pretty blue upcycled door and an old shipping pallet are what make this chicken coop stand out

    #10 City-Worthy Chicken Coop

    This chicken coop features a chic black-and-white palette and hanging modern sconces.

    #11 Cape Cod-inspired structure

    This Cape Cod-inspired chicken coop would be striking in your garden.

    #12 Chic Black Chicken Coop

    Love this chic black chicken coop for your chickens?

    #13 Well-Appointed Chicken Coop

    A standing seam metal roof and board-and-batten shutters make this chicken coop chic. A villa for your chickens.

    #14 Room for All Chicken Coop

    This chicken coop is a big project with more than 900 sq. ft. of run space.

    #15 A Tony Chicken Coop

    Featuring thatched roof and decorative oeil-de-boeuf frame, this chicken coop is so eye-catching.

    #16 Pretty and Simple Chicken Coop

    If you prefer simple style, this pretty chicken coop is an excellent choice.

    #17 Cupola Chicken Coop

    Look for something more unique, this large cupola makes a one-of-a-kind chicken coop.

    #18 Rustic Chicken Coop

    Pick a rustic cabin-style chicken coop to make your chickens feel at home on her Montana ranch.

    #19 Carriage House Chicken Coop

    This chicken coop structure requires x-doors, iron strap hinges, and a cupola.

    #20 Dreamy DIY Chicken Coop

    A dreamy house for your chickens!

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