30 Easy-to-grow Fruits and Veggies For New Gardeners

30 Easy-to-grow Fruits and Veggies For New Gardeners

#21 Onions

Onions can be a bit tricky to grow, but don’t neglect their above, ground counterparts, onion tops. You can harvest them whenever you are ready and you don’t have to let the onion bulbs grow large, either.

#22 Beets

Like the radish, the beet is a root crop that is ready for harvest in a matter of weeks. All you need is well-draining soil to cultivate this beauty of a crop.

#23 Garlic

Garlic should be planted in the fall and harvested in the spring. Because you’ll plant this vegetable at a time when the rest of your garden is lying dormant, it can be easier to maintain.

#24 Peas

Peas can be planted very early in the spring and are foraging of cold temperatures and a light spring frost. They can even survive under a bit of snow cover. They’ll produce rapidly until the weather heats up in the middle of the summer.

#25 Carrots

As long as your soil is loose and well-draining, you can grow carrots. The key to growing carrots that are low-maintenance is to thin them once seedlings emerge.

#26 Green Beans

Like peas, green beans are prolific little growers! Start them as soon as the frost has receded and you’ll enjoy a bounty all summer long.

#27 Corn

Corn is also incredibly easy to grow. As long as you plant the seeds in a location where they can be easily pollinated by the wind, you’ll have no issues growing these starchy vegetables.

#28 Blueberries

Blueberries are ornamental, they look beautiful all year round. As long as your soil is well-aerated, moist, and somewhat acidic, you should not have any problem growing them.

#29 Eggplant

Growing eggplant is quite easy. You’ll grow it in the same conditions loved by peppers and tomatoes. It prefers hot, humid weather and will produce a consistent harvest throughout the summer months.

#30 Blackberries

Blackberries are quite easy to grow. All you need to do is pop the canes in the ground and prune every so often.

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