30 Edible Plants That Can Easily Grow In Hanging Basket

by Marry Dell

    Hanging baskets not only give a good look for the landscaping of whole your home but also provide a source of food for your daily meals. Especially, if you are lack space, hanging baskets will a great alternative that will help you make the most of any and all space you have available such as on a balcony, patio, or outside wall. By growing edible plants in hanging baskets, you can create something beautiful and useful around your living space.
    30 Edible Plants That Can Easily Grow In Hanging Basket
    In this post today, we want to share 30 Edible Plants that you can grow easily in hanging baskets. Whether you are looking for fruits and vegetables to edible flowers and herbs, this list has all varietals for your choice. Growing these edible plants in hanging baskets will save some process in planting and taking care of. For example, keep edible crops off the ground and safe from certain pests, avoid slug damage problems, improve airflow for plants, and reduce disease, even can help keep plants up and away from soil-borne diseases. For the good reasons mentioned above, let’s create your own garden with beautiful hanging baskets and choose the right plants.

    #1 Tomatoes

    #2 Strawberries

    #3 Peppers

    #4 Eggplant

    #5 Tomatillo

    #6 Lemon Balm

    #7 Cucumbers

    #8 Cucamelons

    #9 Zucchini

    #10 Sweet Potato

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