30 Fabulous Cinder Block Garden Ideas

by Sasha Ridley

    Are cinder blocks handy for your gardening? The answer surely keeps you satisfied. They are not only beautiful on their own, but can also be turned them into something stunning. They can serve as planters for your garden plants. A lot of flowers and herbs look cool in here. You can also build a vertical garden or garden beds with these cinder blocks. These gardening materials are cheap yet bring a beautiful look to your garden. If you are looking for budget-friendly DIY gardening projects, you should never skip these.

    So, here are 30 fabulous cinder block garden ideas we would like to introduce today. If you want to bring these boring concrete products to your garden in an impressive way, these are right up your street. Some are even great to build indoor. You can let these cinder block go on their original shape, or paint and decorate them to your liking. Ready to join in here? Let’s get started!

    #1 Cinder Block Flower Vase

    #2 Cinder Block Bench Seat

    #3 Cinder Block Succulent Garden for Backyard

    #4 Outdoor Bar from Cinder Blocks

    #5 Painted Cinder Block Herb Garden

    #6 Colorful Cinder Block Succulent Garden

    #7 Cinder Block Raised Garden Beds

    #8 Mosaic Cinder Block Garden

    #9 Cinder Block Garden Edges

    #10 Cinder Block Garden Wall

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