30 Fabulous DIY Balcony Garden Ideas

by Sasha Ridley

    Balcony is an ideal place to build an organic garden, especially for those who are living in an department. Vegetables, herbs, flowering plants and succulents all love living here. Even if you have a garden and it has enough room for your favorite plants, you can still install a garden in your balcony. Who do not love making use of home space to grow vegetables and harvesting them? These homegrown products are not only great for family meals but also perfect for gifts to friends.


    We’ve rounded up 30 fabulous balcony garden ideas and love sharing to you guys. If you want to turn your balcony into a pretty and harvestable garden, you should never miss these. Setting up a bench (or some chairs), and a coffee table, it becomes an enjoyable relaxing space. Sipping a cup of good tea and reading a favorite book at late evening and weekend in here would be perfect. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Micro-Park

    I just love this micro park so bad! It’s a beautiful garden filled with vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants. Water them every morning is a great idea to start your day, right?

    #2 Vertical Terra Cotta

    Who do not love hanging garden of flower terra cotta pots? It surely makes your balcony more stylish.

    #3 Italian Flair

    It’s one of my dream balcony. Bring a vivid flower garden to here. Imagine how alluring it is when the flowers bloom? All people who pass by your house will look at it.

    #4 Rail Garden

    Why don’t you bring more green color to your balcony with this budget garden? It does not take a lot of space but still perform well.

    #5 Vegetable Garden

    Transform your balcony into a vegetable garden. Nothing is better than that. You can harvest plenty with it.

    #6 Home Extension

    Your balcony actually serves as an extra place for relaxation. You may even sleep here all night long.

    #7 Petite, Yet Hardy

    Is it a stunning garden? Your balcony would be an ideal place to get morning breeze.

    #8 Economy Friendly

    This vertical pallet balcony garden is not only on budget but also a stunning addition to your empty balcony.

    #9 Dinner Garden

    It’s so amazing to have dinner here.

    #10 Sunny Side

    This sunny and bright balcony garden is a perfect place to relax after a long day at work. If you live in an department, you never miss this idea.

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