30 Fabulous DIY Balcony Garden Ideas

#21 Upcycled Garden

A repurposed wooden crate can be transformed into a garden for the balcony. It still works, right?

#22 Ammo Garden

So impressive, right?

#23 Tranquil Blue

Wanna get the tranquility on your balcony? This DIY garden project is right up your street.

#24 Tiny Garden

A lovely garden with hanging flower planters and a vegetable wall planter.

#25 Black and White Simplicity

If you prefer the simplicity, this DIY balcony garden idea should be your pick.

#26 In a forest? Or on a balcony?

You would feel like you are in a forest, not a balcony.

#27 Simple Color

Your balcony is dressed up with simple colors. Still look pretty good, right?

#28 Semi-private

This balcony garden is so lovely!

#29 Bakers Rack Garden

A vintage style balcony garden for those love vintage arts.

#30 Rose Garden

It’s great to turn your balcony into a rose garden. It actually livens up your space.