30 Fanciful Flowering Cactus Plants

30 Fanciful Flowering Cactus Plants

When it comes to Cactus Plants, most people will think of their thorny and prickly and easy to hurt. In fact, they are so beautiful with unique shapes and pretty blooms. And in the post today, we will share 30 Fanciful Flowering Cactus Plants that you will fall in love with their beauty.
30 Fanciful Flowering Cactus Plants
In recent years, there are many gardeners love growing this variety as houseplants. In addition to their unique beauty, they are easy to grow with minimal care. They have an awesome range of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit your favorite. So, if you think the cactus is just green and thorny, think again! And the list of the 30 Fanciful Flowering Cactus Plants today will produce amazing flowers with other flowering shrubs and plants to liven up your home and garden.

#1 Lincoln Gem Cactus

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

#2 Twin-Spine Cactus

Image Credits: Ebay

#3 Sulcorebutia Cactus

Image Credits: Cactus-art.biz

#4 Claret Cup Cactus

Image Credits: Depositphotos

#5 Mammillaria dasyacantha Cactus

Image Credits: Flickr

#6 Spider Cactus

Image Credits: Rareplant

#7 Fairy Castle Cactus

Image Credits: Reddit

#8 Starfish Cactus

Image Credits: Pilotonline

#9 Aylostera narvaecensis Cactus

Image Credits: Planetdesert

#10 Spiny Pincushion Cactus

Image Credits: Novocom

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