30 Fantastic DIY Painted Rock Projects

Itching to stunning painted rocks? Congratulations! You’re in the right place. This post shares 30 fantastic DIY painted rock projects to do with your kids. You know why? These requires a bit patience, cleverness and creativity. The kids offer these much better than we expect. Believe us! Give them some rocks and let them freely do enjoyable art work for them. You will get astonished with what they’ve done. My kids and I had a lot of fun together with these!


These beautiful painted rocks are a perfect addition to your home décor. Nothing is better than showing off your crafts in the places where they best grasp the eyes of visitors. Some even help with your garden work. Rocks with beautiful vegetable and herb painting would be great garden markers, both indoor and out. I’ve tried with my indoor herb planters. And you, ready to give these DIY projects a go?

#1 Inspiring Painted Rocks

#2 Painted Rock Crafts

#3 Dinosaur Painted Rocks

#4 Lavender Flower Painted Rocks

#5 Faith, Hope, and Love Painted Stones

#6 Vegetable Painted Rocks

#7 Vintage Little Truck Stones

#8 Pocket Rocks with Words of Encouragement Painted Stones

#9 Silly Monster Pocket Rocks

#10 Galaxy Painted Rocks

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