30 Fantastic Ways To Decorate Your Mason Jars

Don’t let your mason jars go to waste! You can do amazing things with these. They will be cute and cool planters that succulents, herbs, and flowers love growing in. This saves you a lot of space and also adds more shade to your home, right? Not just that, these jars can be turned into beautiful home decors, flower vases and pendant lights, for instance. Just with a little bit cleverness, you can turn throw-away mason jars into garnishing or functioning items. Worth trying?


Here are 30 fantastic ways to decorate your mason jars. As there is so much fun to go with these, why not add these to DIY projects? Some are even great for you and your kids to proceed together. The kids are more creative than you think. Just give them some empty mason jars and let them freely decorate what they love on these. You will get amazed when getting back to them. Weekend is coming. Let’s pick out some favorite ideas and give them a try!

#1 Gold Glittered Mason Jar

#2 Mason Jar Pendant Light

#3 Pencil Holder

#4 Picture Frame Vase

#5 Chalk Paint Planters

#6 Mason Jar Welcome Sign

#7 Travel Bank

#8 Mason Jar String Lights

#9 Mason Jar Moss Terrarium

#10 Mason Jar Sewing Kit

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