30 Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long

#11 Moss Rose

Pick between red, magenta, pink, salmon, orange, yellow, and white for this full-sun perennial flowers. It can grow  from 4 to 8 inches tall and is easy to grow from seed, but does not tolerate high humidity well.

#12 Creeping Zinnia

Another short perennial flowers in this collection is creeping zinnia. It grows 4 to 8 inches tall and blooms in orange or bright yellow. It can perform well in partial shade, but does not tolerate poorly drained soil.

#13 Mexican Sunflowers

These sunflowers can grow anywhere from 30 inches to 8 feet tall. Unlike most common sunflowers, it’s more shrublike in growth and doesn’t tolerate rain or rich soil well.

#14 Common Zinnias

You can find these common zinnias in almost every colors except for blue. They can grow anywhere from 4 inches to 4 feet tall.

#15 Coneflowers

These flowers are a favorite of birds and butterflies. Plant them in containers or borders.

#16 Petunias

These flowers grow from 6 to 24 inches tall and come in pretty much every color under the sun.

#17 Daylilies

These flowers can grow in all types of soil, with very little care required. If your garden has enough room, just give them a spot.

#18 Astilbe

As I’m a big fan of pink, I fall in love with astilbe. The fluffy plumes can grow up to 2 feet tall.

#19 Marigolds

You can find these marigolds in vibrant yellow, orange, maroon or even cream.

#20 Blanket Flowers

Gaillardia looks like a miniature sunset, coming in yellow, orange, red, and sometimes burgundy.

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