30 Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long

#21 Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the spirit of summer. These plants are great to grow in pots, containers, or directly in the garden.

#22 Catmint

I just fall in love with lavenders flowers and silvery-green foliage of catmint.

#23 Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas will be striking in your garden from late spring to early autumn.

#24 Dahlias

These dahlias can reach 12 inches in diameter. They’re pretty cute.

#25 Black-Eyed Susans

These black-eyed susans are sun-loving flowers. They can grow to 3 feet tall, and attract birds and butterflies.

#26 Daisies

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers of summer time. They’re pretty and fragrant, then become the star of the garden.

#27 Irises

Who can resist to these Irises? They can be always striking in your garden. Let your summer garden prettier with these flowers!

#28 Lavender

Lavender blooms in summer days. As it’s a herb and a key ingredient for skin and beauty products, just spend a corner in your garden for lavender plants.

#29 Peonies

Peonies bloom mean that summer is already here. . Some bushes can thrive for a half century.

#30 Coreopsis

You can find these coreopsis in traditional yellow, vibrant pink, red, and bicolor varieties.

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