30 Fun Crafts To Get Into Summer Spirit

Summer is coming. We all think of what we’re gonna do to welcome the season. Along with foods and drinks, crafts are also worth mentioning here. It’s great to make something easy, fun that show the arrival of scorching days. It’s much better to turn it into DIY family projects. I mean that you and your kids will join together. It’s such a rewarding journey. You guys have a lot of fun and your crafts work well with your home. So good, right?


Here are 30 fun crafts to get into summer spirit we would like to recommend you guys. To say hi to summer impressively, and make your summer days less boring, just give these a try. They are creative, easy to make, and more importantly, totally at your budget. All you need to prepare is patience and a little bit skill. Not much. Ready to know what they’re? Let’s get started!

#1 Drink Umbrellas

Your summer drinks and cocktail would be more stylish with these handmade umbrellas.

#2 Paper Pinwheel

A super easy craft for summer party-ready DIY decorations. Just let your kids involve in this project!

#3 Balloon Ice

Your kids would go crazy for this DIY project! Fill water balloon-sized balloons with water and freeze. Place in a tray and nestle in ice cream.

#4 Hanging Scale Flower Vase

Love to put your favorite summer blooms on display? This hanging scale flower vase is right up your street.

#5 Star Pushpin Pillar Candles

Adorne a plain ‘ole white pillar candle with red, white, and blue star-shaped push pins. It’s a great way to celebrate your summer holidays.

#6 Birdhouse

Give a plain model more local flavor with a custom roof. Hot-glue or screw a tag to the top.

#7 Apple Basket Light Fixture

Let’s liven up your kitchen with a pendant lamp sourced from a one-peck apple basket.

#8 Funneled Flowers

Another creative idea to show fresh flowers from your garden.

#9 No-Sew Bandanna Bunting

This bandanna bunting surely makes your patio or porch more stylish.

#10 Grain Sifter Display

This would add more beauty to your house. Why not make a beautiful one for each room?

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