30 Fun Toilet Roll DIY Crafts To Make With Your Kids

#11 Toilet Paper Roll Chick

Aside from toilet paper roll, you need yellow paper or paint, orange paper, googly eyes, white cardstock paper (optional for eggshell), glue, scissors.

#12 Minions

You need to prepare toilet paper rolls, glue stick, scissors, black, gray-brown and yellow markers, and construction paper (blue, yellow, white and black).

#13 Tube Elephant

Made with only 6 materials: toilet paper roll, thin cardboard, scissors, gray craft paint, glue, googly eyes

#14 Toilet Roll Grinch

Aside from toilet rolls, you need to prepare green paint and paintbrush, red and black sharpie, red construction paper, yellowish construction paper, cotton balls, glue gun, and scissors.

#15 Toilet Roll Lorax

Need only 5 materials: construction paper (orange, yellow, white and pink), toilet paper roll, scissors, glue, and green and black markers.

#16 Marble Run

Made from paper rolls, scrapbook paper, mod podge, sponge brush, button magnets, hot glue gun, and scissors.

#17 Paper Roll Seahorse Puppets

All you need to prepare are paper towel roll, wooden dowel, googly eyes, paint, tacky craft glue, hot glue gun, craft knife, and template (found in the full tutorial).

#18 Toilet Roll Turkeys

With these funny crafts, you need toilet paper tube, paper plate, large googly eyes, brown paint, foam brush, ribbons in fall colors, feathers, orange foam sheet, hot glue gun, and red pipe cleaner.

#19 Toilet Roll Castle

This pretty cute castle is made from empty square tissue box, paper towel and toilet rolls, cardstock paper, cone drinking cups, old cds, glitter, tacky glue, hot glue, spray paint or craft paint, and piece of foam core board.

#20 Toilet Tube Starwars Characters

You need to prepare toilet rolls, cardstock paper, tacky glue, scissors, fringe cutting scissors, stapler, colored straws, circle craft punch, hole puncher, small wiggle eyes, and black marker.

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