30 Fun Toilet Roll DIY Crafts To Make With Your Kids

#21 Leprechaun King

Need only 4 materials: toilet roll, orange construction paper, patterned paper, and gold paper.

#22 Clown Puppet

Made from paper roll, craft paper (white, pink, blue, and scraps of different colors), two googly eyes, black pen, red pen, craft glue and a hot glue gun, scissors, red yarn, and red pom poms.

#23 Cardboard Tube Tiger

All you need to prepare are orange craft paint, black craft paint, orange construction paper, googly eyes, glue, black marker.

#24 Paper Roll Monarch Butterflies

Made from black and orange construction paper, googly eyes, black pipe cleaners, glue stick, white glue or hot glue gun, white paint, and paint brush.

#25 Rockhopper Penguin

Need only 7 materials: toilet paper roll, scissors, glue stick, thin card (black, white, yellow, pink, orange), googly eyes, pencil/pen, and printable stencil (found in full tutorial).

#26 Toilet Roll Dinosaurs

Simple crafts made with only 5 materials: toilet rolls, scissors, paint and paintbrush, permanent marker or googly eyes, and dinosaur shape templates (found in full tutorial).

#27 Toilet Roll Mini-City

Made from toilet rolls, construction paper, scissors, markers, and glue.

#28 Paper Roll Poppers

Made from balloons, toilet paper rolls, packing tape, patterned paper, stickers glitter, metallic tissue paper, gift bag filler, and scissors.

#29 DIY Phone Stand

Made of toilet paper roll, washi tape, push pins, marker, cutter, and craft scissors.

#30 Toilet Roll Gift Boxes

You need to prepare toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, glue stick, scissors, and ribbon.

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