30 Gorgeous Bicycle Planters For Garden and Yard

It’s great to have a beautiful bicycle planters for your garden or yard. It would be striking right here with its bright colorful blooms and green foliage. Painted with favorite colors, the bicycle also makes the planter more attractive. Could it grasp the eyes of every one that passing by your garden or yard? The answer surely keeps you satisfied. Who could resist charming flower and plant planters? I know that I can’t.

30 Gorgeous Bicycle Planters For Garden and Yard

And, here are 30 gorgeous bicycle planters for garden and yard I would like to share you guys. They promise to be one of the craziest things to make with (old) bicycles. As it’s fun to make, why not let your kids involve in this DIY project? They will get excited with it. These bicycle planters are also a creative idea to add more beauty to your outdoor space. Let’s check them out!

#1 Pink bicycle flower planter

#2 Penny farthing bicycle flower planter

#3 Red bike loaded with flowers

#4 Decorative white bicycle planter

#5 Yellow-painted bicycle decorated with flowers

#6 Close-up of a flower in a bicycle-shaped sculpture

#7 Whimsical white bicycle sculpture with flower pot holders

#8 Tricycle flower planter

#9 White painted bicycle holding pink flowers on front and rear mounted to a wall

#10 Rusty old bike with bright shimmering yellow, red and blue flowers

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