30 Gorgeous Fall Flowers For Your Garden

#21 Witch Hazel

Seeking for flowers that bloom way past the time other trees and bushes drop their leaves? Spidery witch hazel flowers are right up your street.

#22 Japanese Anemones

Growing Japanese Anemones, and you will see a splash of pink through your window this September. Bonus for shady yards: The versatile border plants thrive in part sun.

#23 Perennial Sage

Perennial Sage is also worth mentioning here. The flowering spikes also come with gorgeous silvery foliage to boot.

#24 Sedum

Sedum sprouts up in the summer before bursting into a deep pink or red in the fall. As this succulent plant stores water in its leaves, it’s incredibly heat- and drought-resistant, and butterflies love the wide, dense flowers.

#25 Turtleheads

Once these tubular blossoms appear, it means that you’re going back to school. These flowers are also known as “chelone,” but take one look at the flowers and you’ll understand the nickname.

#26 Alyssum

Alyssum blooms in both purple and white. It does well in both containers and beds, or as a ground cover. If you’re aiming for a fantasy garden, plant some between stepping stones for a magical effect.

#27 Japanese Toad Lily

Japanese Toad Lily is known for its orchid-like flowers. They’re a lot prettier than their namesake. Tricyrtis does well with other woodland plants like hostas and ferns, according to the Chicago Botanic Garden — but watch out for deer. They’ll like these blossoms as much as you do.

#28 Colchicum

Colchicum also goes by the name: autumn crocus. They bloom between August and September, but without any foliage. The leaves only appear in the spring before dying back.

#29 Asters

For the biggest Asters are valued for their swath of lavender blooms. These can also repel deer and attract butterflies. Why not let your flower garden go out with a bang with this show-stopping display?

#30 Monkshood

Keep in mind that this plant is poisonous. But its lovely purple flowers are hard to resist. Plant the plant in shaded areas — and make sure you wash your hands after handling it. If you have curious kids or pets, you might want to skip this one.

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