30 Gorgeous Nail Designs To Try On First Days Of 2021

2021 has just come. 2020 might be a tough year but we all hope for a happier and luckier 2021. Just let the new year started with pretty cute little things. They are enough to raise our mood all day. How about giving your nail a new stunning look? Teenage girls and women all look more attractive with a nail décor. You can do it by yourself or visit a favorite nail shop. So good, right?

And, here are 30 gorgeous nail designs to try on the first days of 2021. If you want to surprise yourself with a cute and cool little thing, these are right up your street. These nail designs come in different styles, colors, and patterns. You can definitely pick out ones that look good on your nails. Let’s check them out!

1. White, Nude Almond Nails with Pink Glitter

2. Coffin Nails with Brown Glitter Ombre

3. Chic White Almond Nails

4. Chic Blue Nails with Christmas Patterns and Gold Glitter

5. Green, Red Square Nails with Floral Patterns

6. Beautiful Fashionalble marble Almond Nails

7. Beautiful Abstract Nail Design on Nude Nail Layout

8. Chic Square Sage Nail Design

9. Beautiful Natural Nails with Blue Floral Patterns

10. Natural Almond Nails with Leave Patterns

11. Cute Natural Pink Nails

12. Red and White Festive Nails

13. Cute Abstract Nail Design on White Nails

14. Chic Grey Festive Nail Design

15. Elegant Square Blue, Nude Nails with Floral Patterns

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