30 Gorgeous Wedding Centerpieces You Will Crave

The wedding centerpiece must be the first thing grasping your eyes right after you stepping into a wedding hall. I’ve attended at many wedding ceremonies and still fell for it. There are tons of fabulous ideas to decorate the centerpiece, ranging from DIY budget-friendly project to the chic one. It really depends. If money is not your concern, feel free to give it as much charm as possible. It’s your big day and all that you need to pay is definitely worth, right?


We’re rounded up 30 gorgeous wedding centerpieces that you will crave. This surely work with those who are planning for the wedding day. Those who simply get interested in here, should also give these a look. It’s always great to see pretty things, especially those that belong to the wedding. You get the satisfaction and happiness from it. Lets check them out!

#1 Centerpiece with Battery Powered Fairy Lights

#2 Fresh Greenery Wedding Centerpiece

#3 Classic Wedding Centerpiece

#4 Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

#5 Gorgeous Rustic Wood Table Number with Twine for Mason Jars Vases

#6 Vibrant Blue Evergreen Museum Wedding

#7 DIY Budget-Friendly Wedding Centerpieces

#8 Wooden Table Number Sign

#9 Vintage Wedding Centerpiece

#10 Lamp Shape Centerpiece

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