30 Ideas Plant Your Favorite Succulents

by Marry Dell

    Low maintenance requirements combined with an impressive array of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures let you turn succulents into living art displays. In addition, the compact size and easy-growing nature make succulents perfect for beginners. There are a lot of ideas to grow succulent to decorate your house more impressive. And in this post today, we want to share 30 ideas to plant succulents and create your own mini garden. Check them out to get you started!
    30 Ideas Plant Your Favorite Succulents
    They’re really cute and low-maintenance, so you can plant them in just about anything and they’ll still thrive – these pictures prove you can plant them anywhere! Depending on the pot you plant them in, you can add themed colors to your space and open up the look and feel of a room without breaking your budget. For the simple reason, some projects can be made from your old house items such as old shoes, unused tires, glass bowls, old flower baskets, and more. They’re not only gorgeous but also perfect for adding shades of greens to your space, and they can really brighten nearly any room. Let’s consider them and try some!

    #1 Inside a Glass Terrarium

    #2 In Glass Bowls

    #3 In House Shaped Geometric Planter

    #4 In Baskets

    #5 Flower Baskets

    #6 Inside a Birdcage

    #7 In Unique Pots

    #8 In Hanging Pots

    #9 In a Toy Truck

    #10 On Doll Heads

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