30 Indoor Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings

by Marry Dell

    Owning a houseplant means you are having some benefits, from bringing beauty to your house, clearing the polluted air, or improving the quality of your life for the better, …For the good uses, many people want to grow them in the house? However, buying houseplants is expensive. Don’t worry, here’s good news for those who love houseplants. And the cutting is a good method to propagate that you can save your money.
    30 Indoor Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings
    In the article, we are so pleased to share 30 indoor plants that can grow from cuttings. If you own any of these plants, just follow the directions, you will have more young plants to add to your collection house garden. So, let’s spend your time checking out our article to see which plants you had and ways to propagate them.

    #1 Tradescantia

    You can easily propagate the plants from the Tradescantia genus by simply cutting off a branch and submerging it in water or potting medium. It will form roots in 2-4 weeks.

    #2 Philodendron

    Snip off the stem and place the cutting in a glass of clean water. When a good network of roots establishes, the cutting is ready to accommodate in a pot filled with potting soil.

    #3 Umbrella Tree

    Umbrella tree can be multiplied from stem cuttings. Plant them 1-2 inches deep in potting mix and set the pot in a bright, humid spot.

    #4 African Violets

    Just cut a healthy stem from the plant and dip its tip in the rooting hormone. Put it an inch deep in the pot filled with potting mix and wait for the new plant to develop.

    #5 Snake Plant

    You can multiply your favorite variety of the snake plant from pups or leaf cuttings.

    #6 Prayer Plant

    You can grow it from stem cuttings without any difficulty. Remove cuttings just below the nodes closer to the bottom of the stems and put them in a potting mix.

    #7 Croton

    To propagate croton from cutting, select a 3-4 inches long stem with at least three sets of leaves. Place the stem in a pot filled with a lightweight potting mix or water. You can also cut a leaf with some part of the stem attached and propagate it in water.

    #8 Jade Plant

    Multiply this good luck plant by cutting 4-5 inches size stems and propagate them in a pot filled with well-draining succulent mix or water.

    #9 Geraniums

    Use sharp shear to cut above the node or a swollen part of the stem that is 4-5 inches of size with some top leaves attached and place it in a pot filled with a potting mix.

    #10 Begonia

    For propagation from stem cuttings, take a 4-inches stem and place it in a glass of water or a pot of soil. The roots will emerge in 4-5 weeks. To propagate from a single leaf cutting, cut a mature leaf where it meets the stem and bury the petiole.

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