30 Indoor Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings

30 Indoor Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings

#11 English Ivy

Cut off a stem of English Ivy that has at least two sets of leaves. Dip the end part in the rooting hormone and push it in a pot filled with soil or place it in a glass of water.

#12 Hoya

Cut a 3-5 inches long stem with at least two leaves. You can plant this in a glass of water till roots develop around 2-3 inches long.

#13 Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Take 6-8 inches long stem with lower leaves removed and root it in a glass filled with fresh water. When you notice new roots, transplant it to a pot full of potting mix.

#14 String of Nickels

You can propagate it through short stem cuttings by placing them on damp sphagnum moss. When the segments grow roots, transfer them to a pot filled with orchid bark mix.

#15 Wax Ivy

Take 4-6 inches long cuttings during the growing season from early spring to fall and place them in a pot filled with sandy soil.

#16 Arrowhead Vine

You can grow this elegant climber from cuttings by taking any part of the stem with a set of leaves.

#17 String of Pearls

You can easily propagate it from stem cuttings and transplant it in potting soil. Maintain the slight moisture of the soil, and it will root rapidly.

#18 Grape Ivy

Snip off a 4-6 inches long cutting with 2-3 leaf nodes below the terminal bud. Dip it in a rooting hormone and place the cutting in a pot.

#19 Creeping Fig

Take cuttings of this lovely plant during warm weather and propagate it as usual.

#20 ZZ Plant

You can divide the ZZ plant or grow them by stem cuttings.

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