30 Indoor Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings

30 Indoor Plants That Can Grow From Cuttings

#21 Chinese Money Plant

The plant can produce new ones on its own! When it grows babies in the bottom of the pot, you can take them out to plant in new pots.

#22 String of Bananas

Propagating it is as same as Strings of Pearls, by stem cuttings. Transplant them in potting soil and keep it moist all the time.

#23 Fiddle Leaf Fig

Take a cutting with 2-3 leaves attached and put it in a vase of water. The roots will emerge in 3-4 weeks, and then you can transplant it in a pot or keep it in a vase.

#24 Dumb Cane

Take 5-6 inches long stem section from the plant, remove any lower leaves, dip the cut end in rooting hormone and plant it in soil.

#25 Ti Plant

Take 3-4 inches long cuttings from the plant and put them in a pot filled with half sand and half perlite. Place the pot where it gets bright indirect light.

#26 Split Leaf Plant

Growing Split Leaf Plant in water is super easy. You can propagate these in vases, glasses, and terrariums and have them as a centerpiece.

#27 Rubber Tree

Growing rubber tree from the cutting is an easy task. 4-6 inches of stem cutting, rooting hormone, and well-draining potting soil is all you need to grow it.

#28 Silver Dollar Vine

Using a sharp shear or fingernail, remove a healthy leaf from the plant and allow the end to heal. Lay the leaf on a pot filled with a succulent mix. It’ll root in 4-6 weeks.

#29 Dragon Tree

Cut a healthy stem, measuring 6 inches from this houseplant, and dip it in a rooting hormone. You can plant it directly in soil at a spot that gets indirect sunlight.

#30 Weeping Fig

Cut a 5-6 inches long stem from a healthy branch and plant it in potting soil and cover the cutting with a plastic bag to expedite the process. Place where it gets mild sun.

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