30 Love-At-First-Sight Gold Glitter Nail Designs

It’s fantastic to add glitter to your nail decoration, partially or totally. It makes your nails more eye-catching, especially at big occasions. There are many pretty cool designs that fit in office style. So don’t worry if you want to put on glitter nails when going to work. Most of the nail colors pair beautifully with glitter. But gold glitter is a bit more attractive. If you have given it a try already, you will see this is true.


In this post, we’re glad to share 30 love-at-first-sight gold glitter nails designs. If you are seeking something to liven up your nails, these are the way to go. Some are nail polish, so you can definitely proceed on your own or with a bunch of friends. If the designs have more details and patterns, you should visit a favorite nail spa and let the manicurists do it for you. They will give your nails new a stunning look. Girls who are obsessed with twinkle little things, should never miss these. Let’s get started!

#1 Nude Coffin Ballerina Nails with Gold Glitter

#2 Purple and Gold Glitter Nails

#3 New Year’s Eve  Gold Glitter Nails

#4 Yellow Nails with Gold Glitter and Rhinstones

#5 Red Nails with Gold Glitter

#6 Short Square Painted Nail Polish with Gold Glitter

#7 Brown Almond Nails with Gold Glitter

#8 Ombre Glitter Black Nails

#9 Gold Holo Glitter Nails with UR Sugar Platinum Gel

#10 Almond Glitter Nails

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