30 Mesmerizing Tiny Tattoo Designs For Women

Although I’m not itching to tattoos, I love having a pretty little one on my back shoulder or wrist. It may make me more appealing, especially when the tattoo is shown. I’ve seen beautiful tattoos of many women I met. They look great with it. Some are small and simple while some are a bit bigger and. They are beautiful inspiring quotes, tiny flowers, or special icons. The common thing is they make the women wearing it prettier.


We’ve rounded up 30 mesmerizing tiny tattoo designs for women, and are glad to share them to you guys. If you love tattoos or just get interested in having one, just give this collection a look. They come in a variety of shape, from cute to elegant, then surely keep you satisfied. The point here is just to pick out a beautiful design and give it a try right if you prefer. Let’s check them out!

#1 Sunflower Tattoo on the Ankle

#2 Word Tattoo

#3 Tiny Leaf Designs

#4 Tattoo on the Sideboob

#5 Butterfly Tattoo

#6 Hidden Tattoo

#7 Solar System Tattoo on the Ankle

#8 Cute Tattoo Behind the Ear

#9 Faith Over Fear Tattoo

#10 Cute Flower Tattoo

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