30 Miniature Terrarium Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Do you want have something special to set up on your tabletop or desk? If you are on track to find answer, some ideas today will open inspirations for you. And here are 30 miniature terrarium garden ideas that you will fall in love with. For the simple reason, these terrarium ideas are a fun way to add new plants to your boring desk and have a burst of green throughout the year. What is more, these easy to create, self-contained gardens, are simple to maintain and are an awesome way for a beginner like you to gain confidence in the care of plants.
    30 Miniature Terrarium Garden Ideas
    The following terrarium ideas are all easily obtainable with your little ingenuity and the correct materials such as glass containers, pebbles, sand, moss, succulents, activated charcoal, and more. Creativity is unlimited, so you can make and complete them according to your imagination. These ideas are great examples to help your own artwork finish well. Finally, they can bring the peace of the garden indoors for year-round enjoyment and are a great way to influence a calming environment. If you are interested, let’s try some!

    #1 Delicate Drop

    #2 Teardrops

    #3 Self-contained

    #4 Anything You Can Imagine

    #5 Growing Free

    #6 Mini Gardens

    #7 Geometric Dreams

    #8 Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

    #9 Upcycled Jars

    #10 Dew Drop

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