30 Most Popular Cooking Herbs

30 Most Popular Cooking Herbs

#11 Catnip

You can add catnip in salads and rub the meat with its leaves before roasting. Toss some dried and fresh leaves in your tea to have the sweet-spicy taste.

#12 Celery

Add stalks and leaves of celery at the end of cooking.

#13 Curry Leaves

Use fresh or dried leaves in the beginning or at the end of cooking.

#14 Lavender

Boost the color of your dishes by garnishing with fresh or dried leaves.

#15 Peppermint

Use fresh and dried leave to prepare herbal tea. You can also use it as an essential oil in desserts, ice-creams, and chewing gum.

#16 Lemongrass

Remove the lower bulb, cut the soft stems in 2-3 inches, and add them into soup or curry.

#17 Stevia

The extracts of stevia leaves can be used in lieu of sugar by calorie-conscious people.

#18 Laurel Bay Leaves

Use dried bay leaves in cuisines at the beginning or end to boost the flavor and aroma.

#19 Chamomile

Sprinkle fresh or dried flowers and leaves in salads or in a mug of warm water to make refreshing herbal tea.

#20 Bee Balm

Garnish salads and other cuisines with bee balm flowers, to enhance the flavor you can add fresh or dried leaves in cuisines.

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