30 Parenting Hacks To Stay More Easily With Your Kids

#11 Sorting out things is a fun activity for your kids when you need some free time.

#12 A good way to not forget the dosage and schedule of your kids’ meds. Also, mark them off every time they’re given.

#13 Pool noodles are perfect bumpers for kid walkers from hurting your walls and feet.

#14 Make routers on the carpet from masking tape for your kids while playing with toy cars.

#15 This child seat hack can save lives during emergencies. Write important information in case parents are unconscious after an accident.

#16 Dad hack for a safe BBQ with the kid.

#17 Make a bathtub for your kids right in shower cabin.

#18 Veggie or snack? Cauliflower or pop corn?

#19 Hey baby, you’re drinking medicine,..uhm not your favorite pepsi.

#20 Move their SIM cards to a blackberry, so they can still use a phone, but not for social media!