30 Pictures That Prove Succulents Can Thrive Anywhere

Succulents are among the best plants to grow indoors and outdoors. A little maintenance can do the tricks with these hardy and beautiful plants. They even thrive in neglected areas. That’s why many people bring these amazing plants into their homes and gardens. If you grow several succulent varieties in the same planter (or bed), these plants will become a focal point there.

And here are 30 pictures that prove succulents can thrive anywhere. If you are thinking of growing some succulents in your home (or garden), these will help. These plants are amazing. They do well under sunlight and on your working desk, too. Both lazy and busy people can give them a try. To make your succulents eye-catching, you may make some beautiful DIY planters or shelves for them. Let’s get started!

1. Succulent Birdcages

2. Hanging Vertical Succulent Planters

3. Hanging Succulent Ball

4. Succulent Bowl

5. Beautiful Fairy Succulent Gardens In Terra Cotta Pot

6. Cinder Block Succulent Planter

7. Succulent Bowls with Yellow Flowers

8. Lovely Hanging Succulent Sedum

9. Succulent Log Garden

10. Rock Succulent Garden

11. Succulent Wreaths

12. Succulent Fountain

13. Potted Succulent Gardens

14. Astonishing DIY Succulent Garden Planter

15. Outdoor Succulent Garden