30 Stunning DIY Succulent Indoor Gardens

by Sasha Ridley

    Get interested in building a pretty cool indoor succulent garden? All it takes is a succulent planter (repurposed or store bought) and succulent variety of your liking. There are different species available for you to choose. You can grow a single variety in a planter or along with some others. The later is surely more attractive. As I’m a big fan of DIY, I love upcycling old materials into new functioning ones. Then DIY succulent planters are my choices.


    We’ve rounded up 30 stunning DIY succulent indoor gardens for you to proceed at home. If you want to bring succulents to your home, these are an excellent suggestion. As these are DIY projects, you can let your kids join with if they love. Your succulent garden would be a charming décor for your home. These succulents are low maintenance. A little water will do the trick. As such, these gardens are great for both lazy and busy people. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Clam shell Succulent

    #2 Candles with Succulents

    #3 Succulent Jellyfish Air Plants

    #4 Old Book and Newspaper Succulent Planter

    #5 Coffee Pot Succulent Planter

    #6 Succulent Centerpiece

    #7 Fairies and Succulents Teacup Garden

    #8 DIY Seashell Succulent Planter

    #9 Indoor Cool Cactus Succulent Project Idea

    #10 Monogram Letter Succulent Planter

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