30 “Throw-Away” Crafts To Challenge Your Creative Mind

by Sasha Ridley

    Get interested in turning “trash” crafts into “treasure” ones? This post is right up your street. It shares 30 “Throw-Away” Crafts To Challenge Your Creative Mind. This would be a family activity that both you and your kids get fun with. I’ve tried it with my kids and it actually worked. We make a new one every month and still love this.

    30 “Throw-Away” Crafts To Challenge Your Creative Mind

    Old secretary desk, lampshade, wine corks, cans, bricks, and some others are recommended here. With a creative mind and clever hands, you can add a new appearance and use to these. Who could think that throw-way cans will be pretty flower pots? This does happen. Rinse them clean, file sharp edges, then fit with wrapping paper or wallpaper. Easy, right? Just roll up your sleeves and give them a try!

    #1 Lampshade (Scandi Pendant)

    #2 Wine Corks (Bottle Stoppers)

    #3 Can (Pretty Pots)

    #4 Brick (Planter)

    #5 Window Frame (Entryway Organizer)

    #6 Cinder Block (Planter)

    #7 Vintage Teacup (Teacup Candle)

    #8 Paint Bucket (Ice Bucket)

    #9 Vintage Mirror (Candle Tray)

    #10 Wine Corks (Vase)

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