30 Unique Abstract Nail Designs To Mesmerize You

Get hooked to abstract artwork? Why not apply it for your beautiful nails? They will have a new eye-catching look that makes you more attractive at the crowd. Hanging out with friends, having a walk on the street, attending a party, going to work… these nail designs all fit in. Young women and teenagers will look cool with these. To be, they’re magic and adorable. I love the way the colors, cubes, and details are combined together. It may take time but is definitely worth trying.


Here are 30 unique abstract nail designs to mesmerize you. If you are seeking something chic and sophisticated to put on your nails, these are an excellent choice. To get best result, you should visit a favorite nail spa and let the manicurist do the makeup for your nail. I’ve tried it twice this summer and get satisfied. And you, ready to go for it?

#1 Multi-color Abstract Square Nails

#2 Pink and Gold Glitter Abstract Nails

#3  Picasso Nails

#4 Bright Almond Abstract Nails

#5 White, Blue, Pink Abstract Almond Nails

#6 Inspiring Abstract Nails

#7 Stunning Abstract Nails

#8 Black and White Abstract Nails

#9 Witchy Nail Art

#10 Bridal Pink And White Abstract Nails

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