30 Unique Tiny Tattoos That All Women Would Go Crazy For

Having a tattoo for the first time? Beautiful tiny ones are recommended. Why? It won’t take you a lot of time then you might not get hurt. Small tattoos are pretty and charming, then are easy to get women, both young and mature hooked into. I have a tiny lavender branch tattoo around my right ankle and still fall in love with it. This tattoo makes my leg prettier when I wear skirts, jeans, shorts, and dresses.


In this post, I’m glad to share 30 Unique Tiny Tattoos That All Women Would Go Crazy For. If you want to own a small yet charming tattoo, these are right up your street. There are many types for you to choose, ranging from tiny flower ear back tattoo to sleeping cat ankle tattoo. Just look through all and pick out one that you like most. If your friends also get interested in, why not tell her to get the same tattoo together? It’s a cute way to create a strong bond between you guys.

#1 Elegant Lavender Tattoo on Front Shoulder

#2 Crescent Moon Ear Back Tattoo

#3 Pinky Promise Tattoo

#4 Flower Ear Back Tattoo

#5 Sexy Rose Tattoo on The Breast Side

#6 Moon and Sun Small Tattoo Middle Back

#7 Cute Galaxy Tattoo on Front Chest

#8 Sea and Mountain Tattoo on Ankle

#9 Tiny Sunflower Tattoo on the Back

#10 Eye Tattoo on the Ankle