31 Unique Types of Succulents To Grow

If you want to grow a plant that accepted, or even thrived, under the least possible care, then one of the succulents in this list might just be the plant for you! Most succulents have thick leaves which used to retain moisture in their leaves, these hardy plants handle being forgotten for a long time. Even, some are also adapted to low moisture and do best if you leave them alone for months at a time.

In this post today, we are pleased to introduce 31 Unique Types of Succulents to Grow in your garden or indoors. Taking them a look, you will see that there are many different types of succulents suitable for your favorite. From Trailing succulents, Colorful succulents Flowering succulents, Cacti, Shade-loving succulents, Mini succulents, to Edible succulents, all of them will bring the most beauty to your home. Spending your time learning about them with us!

#1 Burro’s Tail

This Burro’s Tail is a good succulent for beginners because it’s easy to grow and care for. It is also known as the donkey’s tail. The Blooms are in the beautiful shade of red or pink.

#2 String of Hearts

This evergreen semi-succulent trailing vine has heart-shaped leaves that are splashed with shades of blue, green, silver, and purple.

#3 Ruby Necklace

It’s a fast-growing succulent with unique bean-shaped foliage. The main attraction is its ruby red to purple stems.

#4 String of Nickels

The succulent leaves of this plant are identical to flat coins hanging through the strings.

#5 Monkey’s Tail Cactus

Its long stems are engulfed with white hairy spines that trail down to a length of 2.5 m resembling the monkey’s tail.

#6 Crown of Thorns

This evergreen succulent has gray-green foliage and never-fading bright flowers. In warm climates, it blooms year-round.

#7 Rock Purslane

Eye-catchy magenta flowers resemble the poppy blooms in shape and last for a short time.

#8 Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus blooms around the holiday season make it a perfect addition for festive home decor. It is also known as holiday cactus, the flowers range from purple, red, and pink.

#9 Flowering Kalanchoe

With so many different colors such as red, pink, yellow, and orange, it becomes the best flowering succulent.

#10 Afterglow

This Afterglow produces attractive orange to red color flowers. The pinkish lavender leaves splashed with a pretty shade of delicate pink on the edges give it a desirable look.

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