32 Most Fragrant Perennials For Your Dreamy Garden

32 Most Fragrant Perennials For Your Dreamy Garden

Do you know that your garden not only gives you fresh vegetables but also brings a perfect place with beautiful landscaping? If you know ways to design it, you will have an ideal outdoor for entertaining. Growing fragrant perennials is a great option to add fragrance and pretty flowers to your garden. We’ve rounded up 32 gorgeous perennials with amazing fragrances that offer both visual beauty and wonderful fragrant scents. Browse these amazing perennials and choose some for your garden!
32 Most Fragrant Perennials For Your Dreamy Garden
These fragrant perennials have a variety of bloom colors, foliage, fragrance, and growth type for every garden size and space. And you can easily buy them in garden centers and nurseries. Then, growing them in any area in your garden, after a time, they will provide incredible beauty and unforgettable fresh aroma. Once your reading is done, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your garden style among these pretty fragrant perennials.

#1 Sweet Black Cherry Dianthus

#2 Raspberry Surprise Dianthus

#3 Rosella’s Dream Lily Asiatic Hybrid

#4 Chorus Line Daylily

#5 Blue Boa Agastache

#6 Munstead Lavender

#7 Queen of Sweden English Rose

#8 Moulinex English Rose

#9 Rainbow Rhythm Storm Shelter Daylily Hemerocallis

#10 Pardon My Cerise Bee Balm Monarda

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