40+ Best Landscaping Ideas With Eye-Catching Caladiums That You Won’t Regret

Have you ever heard of a plant named Caladium? Caladiums produce heart-shaped leaves and are great for adding color to your shade garden.  Furthermore, they’re tremendously easy to grow and have delightfully interesting leaves. Caladium has wide range of colors and sizes means you’re sure to find a perfect match for your garden. We bring many pictures of Caladiums that give you some ideas to plant it in your garden. Now you see!

The mix of green and white

How gorgeous they are!

Many kinds of Caladium

Eye-catching look

Yellow Caladium

Planting them near fence is a good idea

Red Caladium

Outstanding beauty

Lively corner

So beautiful!

There are many Caladium design below. Check it out!

Caladiums are a must-have plant in any garden. They are easy to plant, and they reward you with a garden of carefree color for months on end. One Million Ideas give you a tip that Caladiums grow best when they are planted in warm, and well drained soil. We hope your garden will be more colorful with Caladiums!