Pineapple Ornamental Plants is a simple way to call Bromeliads – a tropical plant in the pineapple family. A Bromeliad is a colorful and exotic addition to your houseplant collection or your backyard garden.This plants are epiphytes, they’ll grow happily on the tree and the effect is stunning. Have a plain tree in your garden? Transform it into something special by attaching a host of Bromeliads to the trunk!

    Colorful design

    With orchard

    Tropical vibe

    Along the path

    They looks pretty

    Lively corner

    A big one

    Such an lovely design

    Eye-catching look

    Mix with stone and another plants

    A garden full of Bromeliads

    There is nothing better than Bromeliads to give a garden that tropical look. Let’s see more ideas with Bromeliads in these photos below! 

    For the most part, Bromeliads are pretty easy to grow with relatively no special care. As long as they have the right conditions to grow, Bromeliads can be planted in landscapes, used as container plants, floral arrangements, in terrariums and some species can even be used as indoor plants. One Million Ideas hopes you have been inspired to plant these delightfully unique plants in your garden!

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