5 Tips To Get Maximum Yield Of Strawberries

by Sasha Ridley

    It’s quite easy to grow strawberry plants, directly in soil of your garden or in containers. It won’t be the same when it comes to how to harvest pounds of strawberries at their crop. Soil, water, sunlight, pest,…a lot of things you need to consider. Not only do farmers need to know these things, but gardeners should also update these. Who do not want to harvest plenty of strawberries in their garden? Even if you start the project just for garden décor or fun, you will still love eating what you’ve grown.


    Here are 5 tips to get maximum yield of strawberries I would like to share you guys. If you are planting these nutritious fruits in your garden, just give these a look right. They surely help. All you need to have is patience. Summer is coming. Why don’t you let your garden liven up with ripe strawberries? Here we go!

    #1 Remove the runners

    Your strawberry plant can produce much more when their runners are removed at its base. Once these are gone, the plant is able to receive more nutrients which will yield more. It’s way easier to do than you think. Just dig around the plant and gently pull it up.

    #2 Choose right strawberry cultivar

    As there are tons of strawberry varieties out there, make sure that you choose one is known to produce a large berry crop. Most people say that short-day varieties will give you the most strawberries.

    #3 Make a bed for strawberry plants

    It’s great to grow strawberry plants in bed. It’s easier to care for and avoids insects.

    #4 Mulch

    Use mulch to boost the nutrients in soil that your strawberry plants need for their growth. As the mulch decomposes, it will feed your plants and also prevent grass and weeds from growing alongside.

    #5 Protect strawberries from birds and other critters

    Ripe strawberries are appealing to birds. If you want to harvest these fresh fruits, you need to keep them safe from birds and bugs first. Floating row cover frames are recommended.

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