50 Creative Halloween Costumes For Parents And Baby

Halloween is just around the corner and you have little kids? You don’t have to leave your baby at home while you can easily incorporate your little bundle of joy into your spooky or adorable parents and baby costume, with a baby carrier and some DIY ideas.

The possibilities with Halloween costumes are endless – Baker and Cupcake, Harry Potter and Dobby the house elf, E.T. and Elliot, Baby Rapunzel in the tower – it’s just a few of the Halloween costume for kids ideas. Cute babies are deserved to wear the cutest costumes!

There is a list of costumes which inspire your own Halloween costume ideas. So now, check out the list below, and choose your favorite baby costumes.

#1 Mr. President

#2 This One Is So Scary

#3 Cute Spider

#4 Father And Daughter Dressed As A Work Loader From Aliens

#5 Rapunzel Costume

#6 We can do it!

#7 Baby’s Popcorn

#8 Super Mario Baby

#9 Alien And Elliot Costume

#10 Harry Potter and Goblin

#11 Tororo

#12 The baker and little cupcake

#13 Leprechaun With His Pot Of Gold

#14 Frida Costume

#15 Tandem Skydiver

#16 Parrot

#17 Sloth Baby And Mother Tree

#18 Purple Octopus 

#19 The Wrecking Crew Dad And His Sons

#20 Chef And Lobster

#21 The Presidential Babies

#22 Little Unicorn

#23 Perfect Match

#24 Tony The Tiger

#25 The pilot

#26 Maleficent And Her Raven

#27 Zombie Baby

#28 Dad And His Little Yoda

#29 Bee-witch

#30 Hodor

#31 Mario Family

#32 King Kong And Tower

#33 I Love Trash 

#34 Little Mouse And Cheese

#35 Hello Bruce

#36 My Lil Wook

#37 Cabbage Doll

#38 Roarrr!

#39 Police Costume

#40 Baby Hedwig

#41 Spaghetti and Meatball

#42  Baby ‘Harr-Ietta Potter’

#43 Devil And Angel

#44 Tauntaun And Luke 

#45 Mario Family Again

#46 I’m Hungry

#47 Masterchef

#48 Astronaut Familly

#49 Finding Thanos

#50 Wonder Woman On The Mission

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