50+ Weird DIY Projects That Will Make You Cringe

DIY projects allow people to reuse items lying around the house instead of throwing them away to create something cool. However, it doesn’t mean you should do everything. A subreddit with a pretty self-explanatory is gathering the worst DIY fails, and they’re so terribly awful, after checking them out, you might feel like Picasso.

In general, the entries belong to one of the two groups: 1) a plan is so terrible, it should not exist; b) the execution turned out to be horribly wrong. Some people should really ask others about their new creations. From leaving a print of the bottom of your baby on a bowl to keeping childhood toys like failed biological experiments. Scroll down to check out!

#1 Cactus on car

#2 Grandma is that you?

#3 T-Rex High Heels

#4 What a Beautiful Botto…, No, I Mean A Beautiful Bowl

#5 Preserving Animal Stuff To Remember Childhood Memories

#6 Glasses Lamp

#7 It’s Look So Cool

#8 Make An Upcycled Hose Rug Using Old Garden Hoses And Zip Ties

#9 Knife Block

#10 At Least She Recycles

#11 Jean Bag Chair

#12 My Baby Skull Desert Roses Are Coming In Pretty Creepy

#13 Home Sweet Home

#14 Wait Until The Airbag Pops Out

#15 Mosquito Nails

#16 Planting Umbrella

#17 Someone Painted Birch Trees On Their Window

#18 Weird Wood Paneling

#19 Just Because You Can Quilt It, Doesn’t Mean You Should Do it. Totally.

#20 This Chair Is Made of Old Jeans

#21 Horror Story

#22 Remake A Toothpaste Tube

#23 Transform Your Hat… Into A Similar Hat!

#24 Trendy Aesthetic

#25 Can You Explain?

#26 “Look At My Eye!”

#27 This Monstrosity

#28 Someone Was Throwing Away This DIY Lamp. Maybe They Didn’t Want To Stick With It

#29 Combination of Homemade Peanut M&m’s

#30 Those Is On Facebook Marketplace

#31 This Car Covered In Pennies

#32 But Why?

#33 We Asked Our Landlord For A Bigger Table. Then He Made This

#34 It’s A New Trend

#35 How To Make A Doll Into A Wine Glass In 20 Quick Steps

#36 How Do You Wash Dishes With This Nails?

#37 Assquatch-see it to believe!

#38 A Huge Candle

#39 CD Storage

#40 Cute Pinky Vibe

#41 Make High Heels With Some Household Items. And This Is Result!

#42 Pretty Door… For Your Door

#43 Gluing Dead Things And Doll Parts To Flowers

#44 It’s Jammed Through The Top Of A Bike That’s Held In Place With Plywood Boxes

#45 Making Iphone Case

#46 Way More Convenient Than Just Holding The Glass Itself. Is It Useful?

#47 Weight Watchers Strawberry Soda Crocheted Hat

#48 A Dream Catcher Made Of Dreadlocks. How do you think?

#49 Barbie Face Pins

#50 A Rocky Doormat

#51 No Idea What Is It?

#52 Hang Bulb In There!

#53 Blue Encrusted

#54 I Don’t Believe It

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