6 Best Clove Uses For Your Healthy Garden

by Marry Dell
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There are many culinary and medicinal uses of cloves but do you know about its applications in the garden? Find out the amazing 6 clove uses in this guide! For many people, clove is a familiar ingredient in the kitchen space but if you believe that the only utility of clove is in the kitchen, then you’re wrong. In this post today, we want to share the 6 Best Clove Uses to help your garden be healthier according to natural methods.
6 Best Clove Uses For Your Healthy Garden
It is an effective and safe weed and pest treatment that is inexpensive and easy to use. You may have used clove to prevent ants, but it has many other uses in the garden that you should know. And all of the good uses are gathered here, you just spend your time exploring them, you will be amazed at the good results that it can bring to. Keep reading to know more detail about clove’s uses and get its superpowers working in your garden.

#1 Repel Flies

6 Best Clove Uses For Your Healthy Garden - 43Image Credits: Balcoygardenweb

Houseflies not only make annoy but also bring many diseases to your health. You can use cloves to deter them easily as they can’t tolerate their subtle smell.
How to make: Using an apple and 20 to 30 cloves, doing like the photo, and then place the cloves near the windows and doors.

#2 Keep Deer Away

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If deer is an uninvited visitor, you can use cloves to keep them stay away from your garden because this animal has a sensitive nose and it tends to avoid areas with an intense smell. Simply sprinkle cloves generously in powdered form or spray their solution on the boundary plants.

#3 Deter Ants

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Although ants have a small shape and look harmless, they are notorious for their aphid and mealybug farming. Using cloves is one of the natural methods to repel them. You just place crushed cloves in the areas where you notice ants, and the distinctive smell of clove will send the ants scurrying off in another direction.

#4 Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

6 Best Clove Uses For Your Healthy Garden - 49Image Credits: English Gardens

Cloves can work as a natural mosquito repellent as well. You can apply clove oil to some part of your skin and then see the reaction or use it diluted before using.

#5 Pest Control

6 Best Clove Uses For Your Healthy Garden - 51Image Credits: Squarefootgardening

You can use cloves to get rid of mites and aphids. This method is simple and effective
How to make: Add 2 tablespoons of cloves in one-liter water, heat until boil, then turn off the heat, let’s cool down perfectly. Using any sieve or muslin cloth, filter the clove water into a spray bottle, and then spray this solution on infected plants in the evening for the best effect.

#6 Control Weeds

6 Best Clove Uses For Your Healthy Garden - 53Image Credits: Route33landscape

Instead of using herbicides to control unwanted weeds, you can clove as the natural alternative. Using ingredients including clove essential oil, common salt, and vinegar, then take a spray bottle and drop a pinch of salt in it. Add 20 drops of clove oil and 20 ounces of vinegar in it, shake well, and spray this solution on weeds.

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