6 Best Fragrant Indoor Plants

by Marry Dell
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Houseplants are not only one of the best choices for decorating but also perfect for bringing fresh and cool air. And if you are wondering to find indoor plants to make your house more attractive, cooler, and cleaner with full of fragrance, our post today will help you looking for the plant that is suitable for your favorite.
6 Best Fragrant Indoor Plants
Here are the 6 best fragrant indoor plants that you will fall in love with. The simple reason, apart from having the fragrant that they own, they are so beautiful too. Each has its own beauty that you will have different exciting experiments. Even, one of them that you can add extra your salad or drink if you want because it can be eaten and give your dishes more flavorful and tasty. To know about them, let’s check them out and grow some for your house.

#1 Chocolate Mint

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Mint is easy to grow outside. It just takes the right conditions to make sure that your plants get their preferred amount of water and light.

#2 Gardenia

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Gardenia is the queen of scented plants, it needs six to eight hours of bright, indirect sunlight to thrive, says Palomares. It likes humid rooms that stay between 55 and 75 degrees.

#3 French Lavender

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Bring some of that savory, calming je ne sais quoi of Provençal lavender to your home with a potted French lavender. French lavender adores the sun, so put it in a south-facing window if at all possible.

#4 Paperwhite Narcissus

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Paperwhite narcissus flowers usually last for a couple of weeks. And if you take the time to grow your paperwhites in soil, you can plant the bulbs in the ground after they’re done blooming indoors. If the garden conditions are right, they’ll multiply and reward you with sweet-smelling blooms each spring.

#5 Sharry Baby Orchid

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This burgundy and white orchid has an intoxicating scent tinged with sweet chocolate notes. Sharry Baby orchids like east- or south-facing windows with bright morning sun and indirect light in the afternoon because too much sun can cause dark brown patches on the leaves.

#6 Variegated Hoya Macrophylla

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Hoyas are a somewhat under-the-radar family of scented plants that spend most of the year just chilling. But every so often, they send out these blooms that resemble mini bouquets with the most exotic scent. Put it in a terra cotta pot with well-draining soil and add crushed eggshells to the pot every quarter because that helps keep the soil alkaline.

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