6 Indoor Plants That Can Boost Your Well-Being

by Marry Dell

    Not only bringing green space, but indoor plants also help you feel more energetic every day. As you know, the air you breathe every day will affect directly your health. With the air is getting worse and worse in recent years as well as the presence of many harmful chemicals, it means you will have to deal with illnesses, headaches, and allergies more. Don’t worry, we all have different approaches for self-care and resiliency, but one way in which everyone can benefit is by accepting an assist from Mother Nature, by having some houseplants.
    6 Indoor Plants That Can Boost Your Well-Being
    So in this post today, we are so happy to introduce a list of the best houseplants that can boost your health. From improving sleep and indoor air quality to reducing anxiety and fatigue, these houseplants are powerful allies. In addition to the health effects, they are also easy to grow and take care of, it’s time to read about them with us. If you feel they are useful, let’s grow some in your house and see what benefits they can bring for you.

    #1 Lavender

    Lavender has a long-held reputation as a natural remedy for sleep and relaxation. If you’re prone to insomnia, a pot of lavender in the bedroom can do wonders.

    #2 ZZ Plant

    ZZ plant will increase their general happiness and well-being. In addition, it is super pretty and practically indestructible. It can take all kinds of light situations and can go for long periods of time without water.

    #3 Spider Plant

    Spider plants can improve air quality in sealed environments and remove indoor air pollution. Both plant leaves and roots are utilized in removing trace levels of toxic vapors from inside tightly sealed buildings.

    #4 Bromeliad

    In a study working off the NASA findings, researchers set out to compare how various houseplants could remove a number of different types of VOCs from indoor air. They found that of all the plants tested, bromeliads were the most powerful, removing six of the eight VOCs, taking up more than 80 percent of each over a 12-hour sampling period.

    #5 Orchid

    Orchids can improve air quality at night because they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen once the sun goes down.

    #6 Jade Plant

    Jade plants help clear indoor air pollution. What is more, the plant is lowering levels of pain, anxiety, and fatigue at the same time, it’s sure to be adding to one’s wellness.

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