6 Natural Ways to Remove Potato Beetles

6 Natural Ways to Remove Potato Beetles

Potato Beetles are one of the most popular harmful insects. Apart from attacking potatoes, other vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, and more, also are their favorite food. So, if you want to have a bountiful harvest, you have to know ways to repel them from your garden as soon as possible. And your problem will be solved after reading the article today. Here we’ve listed some easy and effective ways to help your potato garden from the attack of the insect. Learn about them with us if you are ready.
6 Natural Ways to Remove Potato Beetles
These methods are quite simple to make at any time, anywhere. Whether you visit your garden as a guest, or you work in the garden, this insect can be removed easily by your hand. Or simply you can grow some companion plants. This way, you not only have delicious vegetables more but also have beautiful landscaping, even you can create a garden with biodiversity with attractive beneficial insects. It’s to spend your time to know more about our ways today.

#1 Remove Potato Beetles By Your Hand

Bug picking is best done in the morning or evening- simply go through your plants and pick off any adult bugs you find and drop them into the soapy water

#2 Companion Plant

Companion planting is one of the best methods to treat pests in the garden. Two of the most common plants that help with potato beetles are bush beans and nasturtium. Other plants such as tansy, aromatic herbs, coriander, marigold, and calendula can also provide some protection and deter pests in the garden.

#3 Attract Beneficial Insects

Some beneficial insects that can help get rid of potato beetles are ladybugs, lacewings, soldier beetles, beneficial nematodes. Grow companion plants like calendula, marigold, thyme, and sage these beneficial insects will naturally be attracted to your garden.

#4 Using Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a powder made from the ground up diatoms. It works by making microscopic cuts in the exoskeleton of insects- drying them out.

#5 Use Row Covers

Row covers are very helpful for controlling many pests in the garden. They are particularly helpful for crops that don’t rely on pollination to grow fruits.

#6 Use Organic Pesticides

There are some organic pesticides that you can use to treat your plants on controlling potato beetles such as Bacillus Thuringiensis, Neem Oil, Essential Oils, Hot Pepper Spray.