7 Amazing Lemon Juice Uses In The Garden

by Marry Dell
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A cup of cool lemonade for hot summer days, is great, right? Lemons are not only for cooking or drinking but also great for your gardening work. There are a lot of quirky ways to keep your green friends healthy and one of them is using lemon juice for plants. It may sound a little weird, but trust us, it has its own advantages. That also is the reason why we’ve listed 7 Amazing Lemon Juice Uses In The Garden And Home that you will be amazed!
7 Amazing Lemon Juice Uses In The Garden
Boost germination process, add to the compost, balance pH levels of the soil, get rid of aphids, and more, these are benefits from using lemon juice. Apart from the effective uses that it can bring, it also is cheap, safe, and easy to make for all gardeners. If you are a love organic garden, lemon juice is one of the best methods to apply. To know more detail about remained uses, keep reading with us.

#1 Boost Germination Process

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To boost the germination rate, you can use lemon juice for this process. Because it helps to promote cell division growth, and stimulates the activity of some enzymes, and helps nutrients to transport to the parts of the plant more easily. Simply, adding 3ml of lemon juice to a liter of water and use the solution to water the seeds at the time of sowing. Or, dipping the seeds overnight in this solution prior to sowing them will increase the chances of germination too.

#2 Add To The Compost

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Lemon peels are a rich source of magnesium, calcium, and sulfur. For the better health of your plants, adding a handful of citrus peels to the compost will boost the nitrogen levels. Or, blend them into powder form and add them to pot and garden.

#3 Weed Treatment

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Lemon juice can be used as an organic way to control weeds. Take four ounces of lemon juice and mix it with one quart of white vinegar, fill in a spray bottle, and use on weeds.

#4 Balance pH Levels of the Soil

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You can balance the pH Levels of the Soil by using diluted lemon juice once a month. It works well in keeping the soil close to a neutral pH of 7 and keeps the soil neutral, which is good for acid-loving plants.

#5 Get Rid of Aphids

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Fresh lemon peels are potent to get rid of aphids. Simply, just cutting them into small pieces and places them near the pots to keep the pests away.

#6 Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

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To protect your skin from mosquitoes when working at garden, rubbing the lemon peels on the skin.

#7 Get Rid of Spiders

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Lemon juice also repels the spiders away by adding 10-14 drops of lemon juice in a cup of water and spraying the solution around the spider’s web. Or, you can cut the lemon in half, put some cloves in it, and place it near the area that’s infested by spiders to keep them at bay.

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