7 Amazing Uses Of Listerine In Garden That You Should Know

by Marry Dell

    When it comes to mouthwash, what is the thing that you will think first? It protects your teeth. But it has other great use that most of you maybe don’t know. It can protect your garden. For example, orchids, you can use Listerine on orchids suffering from bacterial infections and crown rot. Spray the undiluted mouthwash directly on the infected part. Also, spraying Listerine on roses affected by black spots helps to control this fungal disease. There are so many mouthwash uses that are beneficial for your plants.

    7 Amazing Uses Of Listerine In Garden That You Should Know

    That is the reason why, in the post today, we want to share 7 amazing uses of Listerine in the garden that you should know. If you are garden-lover, these are great secrets of Listerine for you. Apply them are easy and doesn’t require any effort from the gardener. It’s time to check them out with us!

    #1 Get Rid of Powdery Mildews and Other Fungal Infections

    Listerine has strong anti-fungal properties. It can be used to get rid of powdery mildew and other fungal infections from your garden. To do this, mix 75% of water and 25% of mouthwash to make a working solution and spray it on the infected parts.

    #2 Prevent Cats From Peeing

    Most cats have an irritating habit of peeing on the furniture, in corners, or near the plants. You can use mouthwash to stop the problem of inappropriate urination. All you need to do is to mix water and mouthwash in equal proportion and spray it at cat peeing sites.

    #3 For Aphid Control

    Mouthwash can control aphids. Just add water and mouthwash in equal proportion and spray it on the plants suffering from aphid infestation.

    #4 Mouthwash Fertilizer

    Using Listerine to make lawn fertilizer. To do this, combine mouthwash, Epsom salt, liquid dish soap, and ammonia, 1 cup each and a can of beer, apply it using a 20-gallon hose-end sprayer. Use it once every 3 weeks!

    #5 Listerine Mixture for Mosquitoes

    Use Listerine to get rid of mosquitoes, mist the surrounding area and air around you, especially where mosquitoes are buzzing the most. Lightly mist it on your exposed skin as well.

    #6 Get Rid of Foul Odors

    Using mouthwash to get rid of foul odors in your garden. Make a solution of mouthwash and water in equal proportion and apply it at the affected site. This solution will kill the acting bacteria and other microorganisms that function the rotting process and fill the place with freshening smell.

    #7 Listerine to Disinfect Garden Tools

    You can use Listerine to disinfect garden tools. Simply, soak them for one minute, or spray full-strength Listerine on your smaller garden tools to disinfect them to prevent disease.

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