7 Edible Houseplants That You Will Fall In Love

by Sasha Ridley

    Do you want to grow edible houseplants in your home? The answer is yes, right? They are preferred by growing inside because they not only can be eaten but also decorate your house more impressive and help you live closer to nature. And in the article today, we want to recommend some candidates that you will fall in love with. Check them out!

    7 Edible Houseplants That You Will Fall In Love
    Taking them a look, you will see that they are so familiar, which are small citrus, pineapple, microgreens, rosemary… All of them can be turned into many delicious dishes, from cooked to raw. You can grow them at the corner of the house, on the windowsill, or in front of the porch. It is so great when they are available to serve anytime you want to eat without going too far to have. And now, there are a lot of varieties of dwarf plants that can be adapted to inside conditions. If you are interested in them, let’s save them and grow some for your house right now.

    #1 Small Citrus

    You can grow citrus indoors. With enough sun around 12 hours a day. You can grow dwarf varieties of lemons and other citrus fruits in pots.

    #2 Pineapple

    Rather than throwing out your pineapple waste, you can easily grow more pineapples instead. Imagine the wonder of watching a baby pineapple come to life. And then eating it!

    #3 Microgreens

    Microgreens are the petite edible greens that are harvested after the first true leaf stage. They range in size from one to three inches long, including the stem and leaves, and are a breeze to grow indoors.

    #4 Rosemary

    Rosemary as an indoor plant because it looks gorgeous, smells beautiful, and tastes divine. It is easy to grow, wants bright light to full sun, and is non-toxic to pets.

    #5 Nasturtium

    Nasturtium has great both bright colors and uniquely peppery taste to a dish. The plants do love a lot of light, but if you have a sunny spot inside, it’s so worth it.

    #6 Tomato

    You can grow tomatoes indoor with enough sun. It is great when seeing the beautiful fruits and enjoying them right in the house.

    #7 Chives

    A pot of chives is just a happy-maker, they kind of look like tall grass, but they bloom with a profusion of purple blossoms. They add a savory, spicy splash of color to all kinds of dishes, from salads and pasta to grain bowls and pizza.

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