7 Gorgeous Boot Planters For Your Garden

by Sasha Ridley
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You don’t want to use your old boot again for some reason, maybe they are too old, or they didn’t fit the size of your feet. The first thing that you will do is throw them out, right? Don’t do that when you are reading our posts today. Here we have some ideas to transform your old boot into useful planters that you will be amazed. To know how they look, let’s explore them with us right now!
7 Gorgeous Boot Planters For Your Garden
If there’s anything better than making your own perfect little container garden, it’s doing it for free with stuff you already own! And your old boots are great items! With these ideas, you not only have beautiful and cute planters but also you can save a lot of money on buying planter outside. You can use this list as a springboard for your own ideas, a bit of inspiration to help you make your own garden boot planter. And let us know if you’ve got some ideas that we’ve missed here!

#1 Cowboy Boot Planter

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Cowboy boots are just cool looking! This will add some instant charm to your flowers. Moreover, leather is naturally a very solid material that will hold your plants well without needing a plastic liner, but you might want to use one if you aim to preserve the material at all.

#2 Rain Boot Planter

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This project is actually aimed at those who want to beautify their home or patio with a little something extra; that extra is the fact that these are filled with faux flowers for a year-round look that will never diminish with weather or neglect.

#3 Rain Boot Part Deux

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You can fill rubber boots with a bit of gravel before getting into the nitty-gritty of dropping the soil in and planting. With solid rubber boots like these, you have to cut small holes for water to drain. Once you’ve got the holes and some weight in the bottom, plant away and fill it with something bright and contrasting, as pictured above.

#4 Children’s Rain Boot Planters

7 Gorgeous Boot Planters For Your Garden - 55

With a length of twine and a nice place to hang, you can show these boots off on your patio or anywhere else around the home.

#5 More Kids Rain Boots

7 Gorgeous Boot Planters For Your Garden - 57

When your kids are growing, they’ll inevitably age out of many pairs of boots and shoes over the years, so it’s a perfect opportunity to make a fun set of planters.

#6 Beautiful Painted Rubber Boot Flower Planters

7 Gorgeous Boot Planters For Your Garden - 59

The unique facet of this project is the idea to paint the boots, adding a fresh layer of creativity. After the standard hole drilling in the bottom, you can use a bit of sandpaper to lightly scuff up the surface of the boots before applying acrylic paint in whatever color or design your heart desires.

#7 Cracker Barrel Rain Boot Planter

7 Gorgeous Boot Planters For Your Garden - 61

If you look closely, you’ll notice something a little different with this set of rain boots. Instead of actual wearable boots, the project begins with a specially molded planter that you can buy anywhere.

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