7 Indoor Vines That You Can Grow In Water

7 Indoor Vines That You Can Grow In Water

Have you wanted to bring nature to your home without worrying too much about soil and maintenance? Certainly yes, right? And these Indoor Vines in the post today are the great choices for you. Even you’re not an ideal plant grower, and you can plant these vining and climbing houseplants indoors in decorative vases and glasses in water. It’s time to discover the names of the best indoor vines here.
7 Indoor Vines That You Can Grow In Water
They are easy to grow as you see in these photos, they just need to have water in their growing process. Because they are grown in water, so you can put them indoor such as a windowsill, tabletop, or desk. They not only decorate your house more beautiful but also make your house closer to nature. However, you also have remembered that you have to change the water after a time.

#1 String of Hearts

Growing strings of heart in the water is super easy. Its heart-shaped leaves with the white patterns do best in bright, indirect sunlight. Just change the water every 7-10 days.

#2 Pothos

Pothos is often confused with philodendron, which is another popular houseplant with beautiful heart-shaped foliage. All it needs is a warm spot with bright indirect light.

#3 Rex Begonia Vine

The plant is easy to propagate in water and looks great due to its unique foliage. Keep the vase or container in a bright spot but not in too much harsh direct sunlight.

#4 Inch Plant

The inch plant is super easy to grow in water, but it needs all day long, bright indirect sunlight to grow well.

#5 Cebu Blue Pothos

The magnificent hue of blue in the foliage of this plant can make any place look special. Just subject the plant to bright, indirect sunlight, change the water regularly, and watch it thrive.

#6 English Ivy

Both easy to propagate and grow in water. The lush green foliage of the English Ivy looks spectacular.

#7 Philodendron

Philodendron is one of the most mainstream houseplants. It needs minimal care and is quite adaptive to all the indoor environment. A glass of water and bright indirect sunlight is all it needs to grow roots.