7 Things To Do For Your Garden In The Evening

7 Things To Do For Your Garden In The Evening

The evening not only a relaxing time after a hard-working day, but it is also a good time to care for your plants. And if you don’t have any idea to do in your free time, let’s spend doing something productive and interesting tasks that will result in a beautiful place to relish a great cup of coffee.
7 Things To Do For Your Garden In The Evening
Here are 7 things to do for your garden in the evening that we want to share in this post today. We believe that you will find out the funny in the right of your garden instead of only watching films on television or searching your Facebook all time. Check out our article on gardening chores to keep yourself fit here. Reading now with us.

#1 Pruning

Proper pruning that will helps your plants are in maintaining the beauty, shape, and health. You can do this task in the tranquility of the evening.

#2 Watering

When warm weather strikes, plants need extra care and watering. While it’s best to water in the morning, evening watering also helps the soil to stay moist for a longer duration, which is good for hot climates.

#3 Fertilization

Although early morning is best to feed your plant, if in case you don’t have enough time, then you can finish this task in the evening too. The roots absorb the applied fertilizer best in the evening or in the early morning because the sun is not present at both times of the day.

#4 Repotting and Planting

When it comes to planting or repotting, cool or cloudy conditions are considered best to save your plants from transplanting shock. And you can do this task either during the evening.

#5 Spraying Pesticides

Spraying pesticides in the cooler part of the day, when the sun is not active, like the evening is best. If you are using a pesticide that contains oil, again, the evening time is ideal as it reduces the risk of phytotoxicity.

#6 Fill Bird Feeders

Birds rise early in the morning and search for food as they like to eat early. They go to the place first where they always get the food. If you’ll fill the bird feeder in the evening, then you won’t have to rush in the morning to feed hungry birds.

#7 Deadheading Flowers

Snipping off spent flowers and leaves can be a long and tiresome task, especially, if you live in a warm climate and do it under the scorching sun. The cool evening is a perfect time to reconnect with your plants and carefully observe the ones that need the most care.