7 Uses Of Aspirin For Your Garden

7 Uses Of Aspirin For Your Garden

When it comes to aspirin, most of you will think this medicine is only to treat a headache coming on and people at risk for heart attacks or blood clots, but it goes beyond its uses. They can work well in your garden as a great supporter. And in the article, we want to write about some reasons to use this medicine in your garden. Learn about them with us.
7 Uses Of Aspirin For Your Garden
You are getting trouble in the growth of the young plant, or you want your flower vase fresh longer, even you get hurt from bug bites or stings when working in the garden. Don’t worry, let’s find aspirin in your medical cabinet, it will show off its functions that you are amazed. Apart from the effective uses that it can bring, it also is cheap and safe for all gardeners. If you are a love organic garden, aspirin is a perfect friend to add to your collection.

#1 Increases The Growth And Productivity Of Plants

Aspirin leads to increased vitamin C content and greater growth in plants. Plants subjected to it get a boost in immunity power, which helps them in combating pests and microbial attacks and prevents the formation of fungus leading to the increased growth rate of plants.

#2 Combating Fungal Diseases

Using aspirin spray can significantly reduce the spread of fungus on the plant. It is also helpful in blight. Gardeners can spray their plants with a solution of aspirin tablets mixed in distilled water. The drug is especially effective in warding off diseases in the nightshade family which include tomatoes or potatoes. You can also soak the seeds in the aspirin solution just before sowing to improve germination.

#3 Help Cut Plants And Flowers To Last Longer

Your flowers can keep looking fresh for a long time by adding aspirin to the vase water. Simply crush an aspirin tablet, dissolve it in water and add the solution to a vase. For longer-lasting fresh flowers, be sure to change the water regularly.

#4 Propagate Plants From Cuttings Successfully

The rooting hormone helps in propagating plants from cuttings and using it improves the success rate. Take a cup of distilled water and dissolve one uncoated aspirin tablet and then keep the cut end of the plant in this rooting solution for a few hours before planting. It’ll work!

#5 Makes It Easier To Grow Healthier Tomatoes

Spray your tomato plants (or soak seeds) in a water/aspirin mixture before planting them in the ground for healthier, more disease-resistant plants.

#6 Can Ease Bug Bites And Stings

If you get bit by a bug or stung by a bee while you’re working out in the garden, crush an aspirin tablet into some water and apply it to the bite for instant sting relief.

#7 Improves Germination

A low dose of aspirin (think 1.5 tablets in 2 gallons of water) can significantly improve seed germination.